ANV Partners provides private placement Buy and Sell services for USA and India based mid-market transactions (2M EBITDA to 25M EBITDA).

SELLERS: Whom to trust? Who will advise you well? Who will look after your interests like it is their own interest? May we suggest - the extent to which an advisor believes they can achieve your desired goals, on your terms - is the same extent to which they will work for you without upfront fees.

BUYERS: Would you rather discuss potential “skeletons in the closet” at the onset or after due diligence? Are you looking for opportunities where the value proposition, company, people, cash-flow, deal needs, IRR, and story don’t change between the first look and closing? ANVP runs a quiet, efficient, transparent, non-auction approach that allows both Buyers and Sellers ascertain “best fit”.

  • First: Are Valuation Expectations Aligned and Overlapping?

  • Second: Is there a Strong People and Personality Fit?

  • And Third: Can this Opportunity Be Structured to Satisfy All Parties?

CEO TEAMS, INVESTOR GROUPS, FUNDS: Is finding the ideal investment challenging? Is what you are seeking right for you? ANVP can help you define what makes an investment right. ANVP employs creativity, strategic resources, and old-fashioned roll-up-your-sleeves hard work to define, screen, source, vet, and secure “strategic fit” platform investments.

ANV Partners was named for the Latin expression “Acta, Non Verba” often translated as “Actions, Not Words”. We are all about our actions, our performance, our results.

Please don’t hesitate to contact ANVP to determine if our services are appropriate for your needs.

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